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11 Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great time!
Sephiroth, Lelouch, I hope you liked the presents I sent you!
Looks like I got a couple of random gifts after all!
That lingerie, I think I'll save it for when I'm older and/or I have a boyfriend.
Pole dancing lessons? Um, we'll see...
A fish? Maybe I can cook it.

I think I know who sent me that snowball plushie. Very funny. BUT ITS ADORABLE! I LOVE IT!

And that crystal bird... it's the most wonderful thing I've received in such a long time... thank you...


So what's the deal with this mistletoe? You step under it and you're stuck until you're kissed? *giggles* Sorry, but I think it's pretty funny. I'm going to have to keep a lookout for them.

[Screened to AU Sephiroth]
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Well, that was certainly an interesting turn of events. Never thought that during a normal walk, I never thought I'd see an angry kid in a cape with mind control powers tell Sephiroth to take me hostage or shoot me, and then getting shot in the leg.
Luckily I got the bullet out and some Cure on it. My leg is still sore, but it's ok.
But still, the whole thing was pretty weird. Good thing Sephiroth sent a big ice spell at that guy. I wonder what happened to him afterwards. And that green haired girl. She seemed like she was in pain around him...


Well, the holiday season is here, and Christmas is coming up. That's good, since Christmas is a joyful time, and great in so many ways. though it's going to be a lonely Christmas for me this year...
Anyways, I should maybe get around to decorating and stuff. Maybe bake some cookies...

06 Snowing!

It's snowing here! I didn't think it would snow here. Anyways, this is great!
But, things have been pretty boring lately... I wish something would happen. Nothing bad I mean. Just good, but exciting...

Maybe I should get to my training or something.

*sigh* I'm pretty lonely...

Nov. 8th, 2008

What?! No! Where is it?! I can't lose it! Mom...

Sounds like everyone is getting something stolen from them... I wish I could do something about it...

(ooc: Elena has lost an special photo of her and her mother and sister when she was younger...)


Well, it's Halloween. No party or trick or treating this year, but I still dressed up. I wore my bird costume. Still, it's not the most important thing anyways...

I've been training with Azula. She's tough, but I'll pull through.

What's this thing about the Indegeo anyways?

5. Looking for combat training!

Now that the cuffs are gone, the bad guys are probably going to make trouble.
I want to be able to help stop them, and protect people.

So, I am looking for someone to train me in combat! I learned the basics back home, and I am good with a gun, and I just started learning sword fighting, but I want to get better.

So, is anyone up for training me?

Screened to Robin

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<screened/>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Um, Mr Robin, I was wondering if you perhaps could train me at some point? I want to help out and protect people, and I do have some fighting skills, and I'd like to get better, and Quatre told me you were really good....


I don't think my future self is here anymore, or Tseng. I'm kind of bummed about that. Sure, it was strange, but...


... I'm alive? So... it wasn't real? It was just a nightmare that everyone shared? Well, that's a relief... but still, I felt the despair so clearly... I'm glad I died by just a building falling on me and not being fried, I really don't like burnt up bodies... At least, everything's ok now, right?

Future Me? Tseng? Quatre? Mr. Joker? How are you guys doing?