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The song, the little bird sings, reflects upon the dreams...

AU Elena
This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by nat_dreamer_key.
[Final Fantasy VII/Elena] © [Square Enix].

All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Player's Name/Nickname: Nathalie

Player LJ: nat_dreamer_key
AIM or Email: cathermione35, amethystdreamernat@gmail.com
Timezone: pacific
Other Characters Played @ Econtra?: none

Character: Elena
Series/Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Original or Alternate: AU

Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: human
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: Elena is a petite, skinny young woman, slight of limb and average chest sized, and She has a small face with large, brown eyes, and pouty lips. She has long blond hair in pigtails. She wears her school uniform, a red sailor top, like the japanese high school uniforms, dark blue pleated skirt, long, ending just above her knees, knee length white socks, and black mary jane shoes.

Personality: Elena is a spirited, determined, bubbly young woman, though she tries to act tough and serious, even though she usually fails at it.
She can be a little short tempered and bickery, and her mood can change on a dime. Still, she is sweet-natured, loyal, and eager, though her eagerness and naivety tends to get her into trouble, and she has a habit of talking a lot, and accidentaly lets important information slip. She also has a romantic side, and a love of cute things. She strives to do her best and works very hard, even up to the point of exhaustion. Although most of the time, she is relatively cheerful and energetic, when her sister is around, or mentioned, her mood turns bitter.
Abilities/Strengths: Like mentioned above, she is very loyal, energetic, determined, and eager. She has learned fighting skills and how to use a gun and other weapons, and how to use materia. Her small size is useful for spying, and she is very agile. Because she used to be part bird, she can talk to birds in a way.

Weaknesses: Like mentioned above, she's rather naive and her eagerness gets her into trouble, and she talks to much and lets important information slip, and is a little short tempered and bickery.
Her physical strength is low, she doesn't have any armor, and she has the usual human physical weaknesses, like tender skin, only able to bleed so much, etc. She is also a little clumsy, and sometimes ends up being the damsel in distress. She also is very impulsive and often takes her work too seriously.
Notable Possessions: Her Tseng plushie, pocket photo of her and her mother and sister.

History: Elena was raised in a normal middle classed family in the higher part of the city. She was raised in secrecy, the reason being that she wasn't born exactly human. She was born half human half bird. It was said that it was because her mother did some works in the shinra labs while she was pregnant, but her mother had secrets of her own. Ashamed by her appearance, her Father kept her indoors, away from the rest of the world. As she grew, she had a close connection with her mother, and her older sister, the future female Gun wielding Turk from Before Crisis, whom I named Grace. The only people who knew Elena's secret was her mother's friend and her son, Rufus. Elena and Rufus were good friends, and played together often. Her Father, on the other hand, ignored her most of the time.
When She was 9, her mother dissapeared. Eventually her father remarried. Her stepmother was nice enough, but she often ignored her and always forgot her name. The sisters began to grow apart, until bitter feelings resounded between them. When she was 11, her father finally decided to take Elena to a specialized doctor. After days of surgery, she finally managed to have a normal human appearance. After that, she started a new life.
Elena was jealous of Grace up to the point of hatred, as she was always in her shadow. So she was always striving to prove herself. When she was in high school at Shinra Private Academy, her father decided to put her in the military program Grace was in, even though she didn't really want to. There Elena strived to match up to her sister, eventually managing to reach the top elite group of students. She even was reunited with Rufus, who had gotten his cold personality by then. Kindled by the childhood memories and his curious interest in her, the two had a secret friendship, that kind of can be interpreted as dating.
Shouldered by her past, her sibling rivalry, and her hard work, Elena still manages to show her cheerful nature in her life.